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What is My Transformational Adventure?

A complete mind, body and soul reset! Connect to your inner self within the natural environment of the mountains.  Take time out from your busy life, renew your energy levels and visualise your future dreams and goals.  This powerful experience will challenge you to face your fears and your own limitations!

My Transformational Adventure is about gaining clarity and focus to help visualise the next season of your life, ready to take action.  You will be introduced to the art of breathwork, synchronising your body and mind to find a sense of calm in the midst of a chaotic world; challenge your fitness levels, testing the boundaries of what you thought you were capable; experience cold water swimming to feel refreshed and exhilarated as you conquer your fears; then meditation finally allows you to reflect on your journey and find solace in the beauty of nature.

Teamwork is key, supporting and encouraging each other, working tirelessly together, knowing that the journey is just as important as the destination. 

Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself is essential for personal growth and transformation. It’s about coming down the mountain as a different person than who you were when you started. Too often, we get stuck in our heads, overthinking and analysing, instead of making decisions and taking action. Get out of your head and into your body! Face your fears, push your limits, and discover what you’re truly capable of. Leave technology behind, reconnect with nature and embrace the great outdoors. You will feel alive, inspired and ready to take on any challenge.  Go ahead, unlock your full potential!

My Transformational Adventure in the Lake District

Proven benefits of My Transformational Adventure

  • Learn new skills
  • Face your fears and your own limitations
  • Create teambuilding – trust, communication & commitment
  • Work together in stressful situations
  • Be taken out of your comfort zone in a safe environment
  • Reignite your survival instinct
  • Focus on all four elements of health – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual
  • Gain insights & knowledge about nutrition
  • Slow down from your busy life
  • Calm your mind, enter the body
  • Begin to crave the good, not the bad
  • Gain a clear vision for moving forward
  • Be inspired to take action
  • Get life changing results

Meet Andrew & Tom

Andrew and Tom are the founders of My Transformational Adventure.

Andrew Laird


Certified Transformational Life Coach

Andrew is considered one of the most motivational and inspiring mentors and speakers. Drawing from his experiences, he transforms people’s lives with his passionate and driven character. He regularly competes in the world-renowned Ironman events and enjoys climbing in the Alps, recently summiting Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa.  As an ex-professional footballer in South Africa, he has also worked at a very high level in sport.  After having undertaken the certification process to fulfil his dream of helping others as a transformational coach, he is now channelling his energy in teaching men and women to achieve their own life’s dreams and goals.


Mountain Leader, Personal Trainer, Breathwork Specialist, Nutritionist

Physical health, fitness and well-being have been at the heart of Tom’s life for as long as he can remember. With over 20 years’ experience as a fitness professional, he trains people of all ages and abilities, from elite athletes training for specific events to people who have never trained before.  He is passionate about the difference that fitness and mindset change can make to people’s lives, wellbeing and happiness.  He enjoys challenges and, after in depth training with Ray Mears, will guide you through a journey to prepare and inspire you to achieve goals you never thought possible.  As an experienced ultra-marathon runner, Tom knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level.  He understands that not functioning at your full potential can affect every aspect of your life so, he helps you to re-connect with your body so you too can reclaim the life that you really want.

Tom Lininsh
Transformational Adventures - Lake District

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